Martin Stacey

Professional Musician



Martin Stacey started his career as a professional musician in Indianapolis, playing lead guitar in a death metal band called Opiate.

After 8 years with the group, he ventured to the west coast to create his own music and eventually released his first album "Bliss in Undertow".

A few years later, Martin joined symphonic black metal outfit Empyrean Throne, this time on drums. He would eventually write and record drums, bass, and operatic vocals, and co-compose the orchestrations for their album “Chaosborne” with their cellist, Kakophonix.

Martin just released his second album, "Terrafied" and is currently working as a session musician in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Martin Stacey is a multi-instrumentalist who has spent the last 2 decades refining his skills as a musician. His styles range from cinematic & orchestral, ambient & new-age, rock & metal, jazz, blues, funk and soul. He specializes in guitar, bass, drums and voice, and has a background in classical composition and arrangement.

"Stacey has the multi-instrumentalist gift of being able to blend  multiple different musical genres together to create deep mosaics of  rhythm and sonic power that truly are stunning."

- Mark Johnson, Sea of Tranquility